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Agent Boost said:
i have a full xenon body kit for sale........MUST GO. please email me if interested
[email protected]

is that the gen 1 xenon kit or the gen 2? (front lower
lip, sides lips, and rear lip -OR- full new front
bumper, rear lips and side lips), what condition is it
in, and how much do you want for it- im in ny too so
we can work on pick up- i found the kit for 550 brand
spankin new on 3 different websites, so hopefully
youve got a killer deal for me considering the fact
that it will have to be repainted and it is used-
lemme know, im serious and if i like what i hear you
will have your $ with 2 weeks- email me at this
address: [email protected] and let me know asap-
thank you, peace
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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