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ecu help on b16a

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i have a b16a, apexi vfac. ok this is wats goin on i had a pm6 on my b16a which is not suppost to be there. then i got a pwo and now when i start the car the check engine light is on. the code is code 16 which is fuel injection. the car redlines at 7k the vfac isnt adj could that be why that the car redline 7 instead of 8200? is there a reev limiter on vfac's? the pwo ecu is manual. the car when drivin sorta cutts out a lil becuase i thiknk the controller isnt adj and when you tap on da gas a lil the car then kicks in a lil more power because fuel is then there? i dunno its kinda confusing but help a brotha out thanxz. is there car driveable meaning to a shop that is about 1hr 30min away i drove the car about a total of 45min and it maintained speed fine besides the car sorta chuggin for extra fuel help me out!!
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you may have a set of fucked injectors. get a new, matched set, from a company like venom or rc engineering. if that doesn't solve the problem then i'm baffled man...
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