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ecu help

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i am putting a '99 ls engine into my '00 civic. should i use the obd2 ecu that came out of the integra? it has the immobilizer so i would have to get around it.

or should i use an obd0 ecu that i have from an integra?

will my stock ecu run the b18?

i need help thanks.
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almost any honda ecu will run it... your car is obd2... use the obd2 ecu... that just seems logical to me...
once again OBD=OBD if you are wired OBD0 then OBD0 ECU's work, if you are wired OBD1 then OBD1 ECU's work, etc....i dont see what is so complicated?? yes you CAN use diffrent OBD#'s but thats a whole mess of other wiring or conversion why make it hard on yourself???
any way i do it i will have to get harness jumper because my '00 civic harness is different from the '99 integra ecu. and the integra might have a immobilizer in it, i have heard that it does and it doesnt so im not 100% sure which. thats why i asked
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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