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I wash my engines all of the time and the only thing I cover up is the air filter. I jave never had a problem. I would let it dry out. You must have a short in your wiring for it to keep blowing the ECU fuse. The fun thing is to trace the wire down and replace it. My suggestion is to get a wiring diagram of your vehicle and see if you can trace the wire down. If not, then you will have to take it somewhere where they can do that. If you can fix it your self, it is only time consuming. A shop to fix it is another story. I had a short in my cylinder sensor wire and it took me some time to figure that is where the problem was. I just ran two new wires from the sensor to the ECU and the problem was fixed. Good luck and hope you get it running again...
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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