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hey, i finally got my rex... 1989 hf. well here the prob.. the enigne ran great, (even thogh it a hf....gsr swap will be goin in eventually) but my friend one day decided he was gonna clean the engine. the fuckin moron shoudla asked me first. he sprayed that engine foam shit on it.. on the label it says "cover all electrical units"...well he didnt. it says "if electrical wires are not protected properly u can short ecu.....well i guess thats wat happened cause wenever i try to start the car i blow an ECU fuse..... please help me out i need to get my car runing so i can take it for body work......will this be expensive to replace the ECU or the wiring that shorted out?... any help or advice will help me out alot...thanx.....peace
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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