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ecu problems

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hey guys i've got a 91 dx with a b16a i think its a 5million series motor pr3 ecu however the car has been running great for years but i have recently ran into a problem the ecu is reading a 15 trouble code i,ve been told its the iac the car will start when cold but will then stall and i don't know why could the iac be the problem? after the car stalls and yo utry to restart it there is no spark still have fuel but no spark already swaped out my hi6 ignition for an msd 6a in hopes that this may fix the problem didnt solve it n e suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanx
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i recently had a code 15 on my ZC, i fixed it by changing the ignitor inside my distributor, hope this helps.
Sounds like the idle control sensor is bad. If you notice, there is coolant hose running to ii. When your motor gets to operating temperature, the springs inside expand (you have to look at one off the intake to see what I mean) and this moves a piston inside that redirects the airflow around the the throttle body to adjust idle. Also, there is a sensor inside that sends a signal to the ECU. If it is bad, then the car would stall at operating temperature and the ECU probably won't allow it to fire back up because of the problem. You can get one from a junkyard fairly cheap. I would also check the igniter like skunkworksef said. It could be going bad. Once the engine gets warm, the igniter could shut itself off and won't fire the ignition till it cools down. Hope this helps.....
well if it wht the iac it wold idle up and down not kill the spark and check the igniter with a maltimeater.
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