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ecu reset ?

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Is it a good idea to reset the ecu after bolting on I/H/E? Does it allow the ECU to recognize the proper air/fuel mixture that is now current with these mods? Has anyone heard of this? ...would it be helpful?
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yeah resettin your ecu actually does work a little, I did it and my lil d15b7 seems to respond alot better w/ my bolt ons
Well, hate answering my own question but i had to try it. 1.let car idle for 5-10min until warmed up. 2.shut car off and remove ecu fuse (usually15A-f/ui) for 5-10min. 3. start car-DO not rev engine. let idle for 5-10-Do not rev engine. shut car down and restart. 4.take it a drive and see if theres a improvement. And what do ya know-feels much better. Can't really pinpoint the particulars- probably just running smoother.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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