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Hey all! Proud owner of a 98 civic ex auto to manual swap! So I did the swap a couple years ago and left the auto ecu in and it ran just fine. Well about a month ago I had the cel code p1106 baro sensor, come up. I swapped the ecu for the manual one and swapped the intake manifold and tb with skunk2 performance ones, to accept the different iacv for the manual ecu. I put the parts and manual ecu in and it ran fine for a couple days. Then the p1106 code came back. I got another ecu figuring with my shit luck I just got a bad one. The "new" used ecu threw p1106 instantly. I know the baro sensor is internal in the ecu, but is there something external that could be causing it? I'm having a hard time believing that I had 3 ecu's that are bad. Is there something about the performance parts that could be throwing the ecu off? The car is pretty much undrivable as it's in limp mode and won't build over 3500 rpm. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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