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Well, I decided to drop $3 Gs on the kit instead of piecing together something. This is a well put together kit with Garrett T28 ball bearing turbo, Tial BOV, Spearco FMIC, Performer X intake manifold, all piping and mounting hardware, all oil, fuel and vacuum lines, Autometer boost gauge and piggyback computer to control it all. There are instructions for everything, which were helpful.

It was a pain in the ass to install, however, as some of the parts just seemed to have design flaws. The original nuts on the exhaust manifold did not fit at all and I had to buy regular nuts just to be able to fit and it was still tight. One of the bolts to hold the oil drain to the turbo needed a very short hex key, so my friend took a hack saw to one. The intercooler brackets had to be bent just to bolt it up to the horn bolt. The throttle body bracket had to be repositioned and bent to allow the throttle cable to work without it holding the throttle open all the time.

Wiring was very simple. Everything else seemed to work out just fine (except for when I broke a sensor that I had to replace :bash ). But, it started up first try and I have not had a problem with it in the month that it's been on including long trips, except it seems to lose power if I get below a 1/4 tank of gas. No leaks at all.

The power is a dramatic increase. :wow I still cannot control 1st gear because if I give it too much gas I just spin the tires. I can't help but get into boost, also, because the BOV is addicting. Even with all city driving I get 28 mpg, before the turbo kit I was getting like 30-31 mpg and that's with me going into boost quite a bit. I start building boost at about 2k and full boost by about 4k (I have a carsound 2.25" ID cat and Apexi WS2 exhaust). Except for some of the stupid little hiccups I ran into on the install, this has been an excellent addition to my car. Pics to come soon. :clappy
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