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my interior is poop brown. anyone else have this problem?

I detail cars part time and everything is real clean but i hate the color. A buddy of mine is selling his black interior from a dc integra. Not sure what year, believe he said '96. He said he'd sell me everything for $500 excluding the front seats and steering wheel...

1. Will it fit, i know it can fit, but will it fit?

2. I am swapping everything if i do it, (except carpet) back seats, rear quarters, front doors, headliner, dash, center console, armrest, everything. How much modification is there to do?

3. Having problems finding a black interior from an eg coupe, but, would it be more reasonable just to stick it out until i find one instead of trying to swap with the integra?

4. If i decide not to do it, he has gs-r leather rear seats that i would like to swap in, do these fit w/o modification?
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