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Alright guys..time to clean out my garage and get a little room, and a little money back..


OEM EG Black Steering Wheel - Comes with SRS cable reel if needed
Great condition - No wear/tears anywhere

$65 Shipped

NITRO door speakers - Sound OK.....better than nothing...just need them gone!

$15 shipped

OEM EG Shifter - Stock piece in great condition....comes with rubber dealy majiger =)

$20 Shipped

OEM SOHC Radiator - No leaks whatsoever - Works perfectly - Kept my engine nice and cool for the time I had it in - Upgraded to a dual core for my b16a -

$40 shipped

No name Air filter - Never been used...came for free in the hatch of my car when bought

$10 shipped

OEM Black EG Rear console(Goes over the ebrake portion) - Has coin holder/ashtray in the back - Great condition

$25 shipped

EG Cargo Cover- Came with the car - I believe its custom b/c it is only half sized

$40 shipped

EK Black cupholder- Sold my ek..still had this laying around

$25 shipped

I need h22a money guys! Hit me up on here or on PM with questions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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