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if anyone is interested:

Hello Ray and Michael,
Thanks for your support thus far in the mystery suspension problem.
This Sunday, Justin(my mechanic) and I took apart my suspension and put
it on as directed by Ray. We took pics of the Tokico parts compared to
my stock pieces so that you are able to see the difference between the
parts. Pics are attached but if they do not load, I also have them
uploaded for you:

In 'tokico1.jpg', 'tokico2.jpg' and 'tokico3.jpg' the front left shock
and spring are pictured next to the respective stock shock. You can
see by the marks that the spring index of the Tokico shock does not
line up as the index on the oem part does. This is concurrent with
both front and rear left shocks.

As pictured in 'tokico4.jpg', the right front Tokico shock matches
perfectly with the respective oem shock. The right side of the car
looks good, no problems there.

The installation procedure was done in a professional manner in a
professional shop by a certified mechanic, Justin, and assisted by
myself, as you can see in 'tokico.jpg' :).

I hope these pictures are useful to you. Let me know what your
thoughts are.

Stephanie Bauer
1994 Honda Prelude SI
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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