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Emissions with JRSC

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Has anyone failed and emissions test with the JRSC at 6PSI? I have to go next month and am kind of weiry if it will pass or not.

If there are any tricks to guarentee a pass let me know.

I was thinking of just zip tieing open the bypass valve but not sure if that would help or not.

any help would be great.

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i failed badly, but the guy doing it was a friend of the family so he just disconnected the hose that connects to the bypass valve and the car passed(of course it wasnt boostin).dont know what you can do but watch it
Boosting or not, it shouldn't matter. They don't test your car under WOT. They test your car at a steady speed which is usually 15mph and 25mph I think. So that means you should be out of boost.

I too failed last Oct, but it was because my timing was soo low at 8 degrees BTDC. I bought an MSD at the time to help prevent knock when I turned the timing back up to the stock 16 degrees BTDC and I passed.

Just make sure you got all the CARB EO numbers with you. JRSC, Intake, Header. That should pretty much be all that you need to pass the visual. I had to borrow my cousin's AEM to pass the visual. But by the second time I had it smogged, it passed.
I just bought the JR BTC and have the map controller now, all of which should help in the tuning. I may go up to one of the places that tests just to see where I stand before next month.

I haven't installed the BTC yet, but I can imagine that the timing being set back to 8-10 TDC can effect the emissions big time. Right now I am turned back as far as I can go, and there is a little lag in the low end because of it.

I am hoping that with my new MSD SCI-L and the BTC I am installing this week will eliminate that all together. Then there is going to be the quest for the pulley change and intake mister for the addtional boost. But that will be after emissions.

Too bad our upgrade pulley isnt like the Miata ones, it just bolts over the existing JR pulley with 4 bolts, for quick removal.
i failed the first time and second time i passed, but i had to replace the O2 sensor and set my timing back to stock... MAX HC is 90 and I got a 90... first time, I got a 94...
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