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On March 24, the FIA held an informal meeting with Formula One engine experts from Cosworth, Ferrari and Renault.

The purpose of the meeting was to formulate proposals to modify and extend the new (2008) rules for engine homologation so as to encourage research into engine efficiency and the more effective use of available energy.

The meeting agreed on the following proposals (which should be read in conjunction with Article 86(e) and Appendix 6 of the 2008 FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations):

1. The engine will be homologated for 5 years, being 2008-2012 inclusive.

2. Each year modifications to the engine can be homologated. Details will be delivered to the FIA before January 1st of the year in question, and a complete engine delivered before the first of February of that year.

3. The elements of the engine which can be changed in this way on an annual basis, are:

- ports;
- combustion chamber shape;
- valve size, shape, and angle;
- piston crown (the weight of the piston must remain the same, as must piston ring position and compression height);
- camshaft profiles and valve actuation kinematics;
- intake manifolds;
- injector nozzles (not injector actuator);
- spark plugs;
- changes to the cylinder head consequential upon and limited to those resulting from the above;

4. Changes to the engine on the “fair and equitable” principle will be limited to those that the FIA is satisfied are carried out and necessary for cost reduction or reliability. No modification will be permitted which, in the opinion of the FIA, may result in a performance gain. These changes will be published by the FIA.

5. For 2007, those present will endeavour to secure changes to the 2007 Sporting Regulations to incorporate the 2008 engine homologation regulations (Article 86(e) and Appendix 6) into the 2007 Regulations, including a limitation of engine speed.

Editors Note:

Those present at the meeting which was held in Maranello were as follows:

Max Mosley
Charlie Whiting
Peter Wright

Tim Routsis
Alex Hitzinger

Jean Todt
Ross Brawn
Paolo Martinelli
Gilles Simon

Flavio Briatore
Pat Symonds
Rob White
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