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Engine Light

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Here's the situation that I have and was wondering if any of you guys might have experienced it before.

Got a 98 Civic LX with about 63k miles on it and just recently the Check Engine light came on and I can't seem to figure out what the hell it is. The only thing different about it now is that the idle's a little weird. The guy at Pep Boys said it could be a million things such as the O2 sensor or the MAF sensor and a guy at another place said that the idle might've just changed b/c it might be preset to do that when the engine light comes on.

Didn't know if any of you guys might have experienced this problem. I'm probably just gonna bring it to get hooked up to a computer tomorrow cuz nothings open today but I was just wondering if any knew what it might be????
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Unhook your battery cables for like 15 mins, after that, rehook them and then start your car again and let it idle for like 5 mins. That might work. If not, its probably like a vacumn leak or something.
Check this site out:
It explains how to get the Error Code and then find it here..
hey man im not doubting your intellegence but i used to work at a honda dealership and ppl would bring there cars in all the time with their check engine light on because they forgot thier gas cap at the pump. just check and make sure its nice and tight! goodluck
oh yeah, and Jaysi, if you read this ever again, i like your car man, it reminds me of mine, nice and clean. sweet job.
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