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Engine mising a part, need assistance

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this is a picture of my engine, above my starter, i do not know what is supposed to go there, i just know that something is missing...Any idea

Sorry kind of a small picture


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thermostat, i more piks so i can get a better frame of referance
No. Thermostat is showed right under it. That spot is left empty. honda uses teh same cylinder head mold on all the d15s and d16s. Thats where a VTEC solenoid is drilled out and mounted. Its fine. My d15b7 has that same empty spot, and my block is internally the same as all other d15 motors. Dont worry about it :btu
oh, well in that case sweet. nothing to buy. Ok well thanks guys
no problem
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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