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engine question

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i replaced my spark plugs today and was scared shitless to see that in the 3rd and 4th cylinder there was oil on the spark plug when i pulled it out. question is how serious of a problem is this? what is the problem?... any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.
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does the plug look burnt? or like it has chalky stuff on it? your plugs are a good way to tell how rich or lean you are running, you might need to get an a/f controller if thats the case.
is there oil on the threads of the spark plug or is there oil on the actual electrode of the spark plug? If its the first one then all you need to do is get new spark plug oil seals on the valve cover. but if theres actual oil on the electrode of the spark plug it could be somethhing major.
the oil was on the threads... that makes sense.. i also noticed a little leakage on the valve cover by the two cylinders too... so looks like im just gonna need a new seal on the valve cover..
thats weird..........

if theres oil in the spark plug how could you tell if it's on the one part or the other of the spark plug wouldn't oil just drench it? It could be the piston rings letting oil through so that might be it to? Just my 2cents
if there is oil in the combustion chamber then you will definately know because your car will be letting out white smoke out of the exhaust. when you know its just the spark plug seal from the valve cover, the threads of the spark plug are just coated with oil not the actual electrode.

not blowing any kind of smoke, atleast not yet. and i hope it doesnt start. runs clean as can be without any white or black smoke. so im pretty sure that it is only the spark plug seal.
When you are burning oil, is more like blue smoke. Lates
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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