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ok here is the story.
built engine for turbo. new pistons, rods, rings, micropollish crank, cluch,flywheel,pressureplate,vales,springs,port pollish, blah blah blah

ok put it all back together. i got some small leaks. 2 in the rear of engine. 1 is coolant, other is oil. 1 leak in right front. seams to be coolant.

1st thing i thought was sh*t the head gasket. so i replaced it. same thing. replace the oil pressure turbo connector, same thing.

when i 1st start it, it is fine. after it warms up it starts the drips. small drips, but enought to wear i wont drive it.

give me some ideas, im fresh out and im getting pissed. hehe

if anyone wants to help me fix this b*tch i will pay you. i need my turbo civic back. ;-) im going through withdraw.


thank you

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