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Engine Swap

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Hi, and here is what is up. I have a 2000 Civic 4dr LX and I was looking to do an engine swap for possible a B16A2 Si engine. What I found out is that since I have an Auto and not stick that this wiill cause a problem and it would cost a hell of a lot more to get it done then. What is the problem? I was recommned the Integra GSR because of it's auto/tranny. Is this my only choice? I was really looking foward to the Si Engine plsu I don't really want to have to buy integra parts of rht ecivic then, but what can I do. ANyone please help me. Also if you could give me price estimates that would be great. Thanks
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Integra GSR's were only offered with manual transmission, just like the Civic Si.. Most likely, someone recommended the Integra LS motor (b18b)
what if I was to do a auto to manual switch, would that solve my problem or would I stilll be screwed. Also if I really have no choice, what can I really do with my 106 hp stock p.o.s. engine??
I already bolted on DC sports 4-2-1 headers, an OBX straight pipe, and a Skunk 2 racing exhaust system.
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