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Engine swappin'

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I've got a '94 delSol S. Eventually, I'm planning on droppin in a JDM B18c1. What I need to know is what exactly will need to be done for an entire swap? I'll need whole new headers, manifold, exhaust, etc.., right?
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I wanna get as much as I can ready before I do the swap, so I don't just have an engine collecting dust in my garage while I'm trying to find all the necessary other parts. I know I gotta have some cutting and welding done, but is there a way I don't have to do that? Is there like some bolt on system on the market out there? How much will all this run me?
go to , it has lots of info on what you need

what mods do you have now?

Take a loot at as well, they usually have an entire parts review etc.. so you'll know.
To be honest, I don't have any mods yet. I just bought my delSol in July and I've been just been making loan and insurance payments since. I've got a B&M short throw shifter and a K&N airfilter coming in the mail this week though. Once they come I'm building a custom intake (AEM short ram style). Other than that, no performance mods.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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