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I have a 98 accord 4cyl vtec a/t originally from florida i just relocated to massachusetts and my evap system has been making a continuous loud clicking / tapping sound emitting from the evap canister area. On this model the canister is located by the fuel tank under the vehicle. I made a visiual inspection and did not see anything loose or cracked and there was no fuel odor when i looked at the canister ,hoses, bypass solenoid valve, and canister vent shut valve that is located in that area. This problem has existed before the relocation.

Next i checked the purge control solenoid valve located on the intake manifold. With the engine at idle the purge control solenoid valve makes a very loud continuous ticking as well so disconnected the electrical connector and the ticking stoped. The ecm did not throw any codes when i removed the connector. What could be wrong i had the vehicle for one year and had one check engine light that was po420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank no. 1). I cleared the code and have driven a few hundred miles and havent had any codes since.

i havent found much useful infomation in the forums, google, or youtube. please help me thank you very much!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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