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Welcome to the Integra Forum!!!!

Please read through all of the stickies before posting :)

Make thread titles Specific: Don't use title such as help or what do you think of this. Be specific so people that can help with your problem will actually read it. It also helps when people may be searching for the same thing that you are asking about.


No personal attacks.

Anti-SHO sentiment will not be tolerated.

If you have something to say to another member, PM or e-mail them. Don't use this forum to squabble. I know every one of you thinks you are witty and fascinating, but none of us want to hear any two of you slapping purses. And, remember to empty out your PM boxes (including the ‘sent’ box).

Post whoring is not allowed - give an informative answer or don’t give one at all.

Types of threads that will NOT be tolerated:

• Can car X beat car Y?
• Kill stories.
• Estimate my horsepower. (Go the tech forum)
• How fast will I be? (Go to one of the racing forums)
• For sale threads. (Go to the Classifieds forum)
• Advertising and self-promotion.

Flaming and talking trash will not be allowed. If someone is asking something that has been covered over and over, either answer the question in a normal way or not at all. If you tell a noob to search first, do it politely.

Have faith in the mods – we check in at least once a day, and if someone needs to be warned or reprimanded, we will do it. When one of you does it, it just leads to flame wars. PM one of us if you have an issue with any particular thread. We are here to be the bad guys, so you don’t have to. Trust us; it works better that way.

Do not use any language, insults or condescending attitudes that you would not use when talking to your mother at the dinner table. We are dead serious about this. Cop an attitude, and you will get spanked. Be respectful.
There's been an abundance of threads that have been made recently that could have been answered if the thread starter did a search.

PLEASE USE THE SEARCH's there for a reason :D


"i want to make power"

ok, see, that doesn't give us anything. we don't know what car, how much he/she wants to spend, etc..remember there are other sections on Superhonda that will give you information as well. feel free to check out the forced induction forum for any turbo questions,

make every thread COUNT. put as much detail as possible. i think i have been pretty easy on the recent threads, but it's got to stop.

if you want to have people answer your questions, you have to arm them with as much information as possible.

Here's a list of places you might want to check out first:

Engine Tech and Troubleshooting






Just added:

Header Test

^^^ even tho it says D series, it's a good read on the different types of headers out there :tu

on that note, enjoy the forum :tu

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i really like ur guys set up here seems like a friendly enviroment. well thanks for everything in advance for all the great info. iam new to hondas. already in love. lol!
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