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OK, this is a thread I'm starting for REAL cars only. NO photoshop crap, please! I want to see what actual superhonda members cars look like and what all they've done to their rides!

I'm putting up a guideline so nobody gets carried away!
-- NO flaming what other people have. If it's on their car it means THEY like it, and they probably won't care what you have to say. I'm sure there's something on EVERYone's ride that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE, is gonna hate. There should only be respect for everyone here at this board... we're all friends right? If you start flaming or bashing someone, i'm gonna ask a moderator (*kindly*) to delete your post.

-- 3 Pics ONLY... choose you best ones (maybe exterior, interior, engine)
-- 1 full modlist
-- 1 fairly short paragraph about you or your car... etc.

I'm not trying to be a dick, I just want to know what's out there at SHO! If you wanna give me permission to submit it to a few sites on the internet, let me know at the beginning of the post. ALSO, there are thousands of people here at superhonda and EVERYONE has a ride, modification list, and at least ONE pic.. so sorry if I can't get you put on somebody's website!

It'll still be cool to have things posted here, I know Mike is looking for rides to be used at superhonda... YOu don't have to be shy, everybody starts off somewhere!

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no pics yet im getting them do u post pics? i have a AEM CAI thats all right now but an apexi n1 muffler and type r grill are on the way. and im gonna be getting some gauges, altezza and some stickers soon. I got this car kinda recently and just got in to this whole scene. also before the end of hte summer before i move to arizona i want to get some rims and tires for my ride thinking about the tenzo-r av7 white rims and kumho tires.......but maybe montegi mv7 with yokohama tires oh yea and how do u post pics on here?

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a very old pic.... shes been in storage for the winter so I dont have any outside pics yet

somethings missing...

still dirty...

heres the mods

1991 Acura Integra GS
DC Sports 4-2-1 Stainless Header
DC Sports DAC Intake
Greddy Radiator Cap
Magnecor 8.5 MM wires
Apex-i N1 Exhaust
Apex-i Rev/Speed Meter GP
Neuspeed Race Springs
Tokico Shocks, Ingalls Camber Kit
17" Giovanna's
JDM 1 Piece Headlights
JDM 3rd Brake Light
Red/Clear Tails
Brembo Cross Drilled /Slotted Rotors With AEM Pads
Sparco Mugello Steering Wheel
Clarion In-Dash TV
Blaupunkt DVD Mp3 Player

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wow, someone DID reply

We've got some COOL cars here at SHO yo!

Hey crash, email me your pics and I'll put them up on my server.

Cars looks SWEET y'all, keep 'em coming...
I'd post up my ride, but I've got to paint it, it looks like crap. My last pics were a year ago. :D

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I changed my mind, I made a quick little webpage with my info and OLD OLD pics...

I wanted to add some flavor to it, but hey, it took 2 minutes. Maybe when I get more time, I'm busy building too many other sites right now....

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Keep 'em coming guys.. I need QUITE a bit more before I can do anything with them!

AND, B16a1, how's the site? I can't download any flash pics, are you doing an HTML site? THANKS THO, nice site~

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well.... I'm bein' the bad guy here...

the site you saw is the old one...
didn't have the pics to update it...


so it'll be this week sometimeI think...
the site is going to change too...
will still be flash, but now with popups for the pics (never finished the site you saw...)

and will be nothing more than a modlisting and some pics...
haven't done too much to the car, so why build an extreme site ....

(but tnx for the compliment ;))

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do me a personal favor and at least get 1 pic at night, with the neons on!:D :D

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those were the ones that got f*cked up ;)

ah well...
last sunday we had a meet....
2 civic's and my crx with neon....
and a digital video camera...

get the idea???
also one of those civics in a (fake, for the film) drag with a sol and once again that same civic doin' a burnout (and his bodykit was only on the car for a week :D )

ah well...
I'll get you some links of that stuff later...
once it's all on our clubs website ;)

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In about a week i'll have a cf hood so i'll post up new pics then.
Mods Below:

Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Trim: EX
1.6l 127 Hp SOHC VTEC (d16y8)
Performance Upgrades:
AEM Cold Air Intake
Tanabe Racing Medallion Cat-Back exhaust
DC Sports 4-1 Stainless Steel Header
NGK Wires
Bosch Platinum +4 plugs
Eibach Sportline 2" Lowering Springs
SI Sideskirts
16x7 White Konig Ziege rims w\ 205/45/16 Toyo Proxe FZ-4 rubber
Altezza Generation 1 Tails
Sylvannia Cool Blue Headlights
Indiglo Blue\Green Gauges
Alpine 7863 Head Unit
Next Modification(s):
Koni Yellows, ACT Stage III Clutch, 15x6.5 Rota Slipstreams, NOS? Turbo?


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My ride in the dark:

Me and the CivicDude:

Just 2 freak out some people (Europe DID have a SiR ;)):

Some really NICE ASSES:

(the black SiR in the corner just half on these pics is mine in daylight :D )

Rest of the pics mainly show us eating (it WAS a great day for a meet!!!)

some more stuff soon if you want...
and for those who dare to read Dutch: stReetLegalHONDA

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Blue tinted altezzas trying to sell..
had blue tinted euro clear corners, now i have Clear corners
Denji projector headlights
Volk TE-37 bronze knockoffs
Momo carbon fiber shift knob
Silver faced Reverse indiglos (my old set in the pic)
painted my interior pieces a light blue
K&N filter on the end of my stock piping (til i get my intake)
Neuspeed front upper strut bar

Thats all i can think of right now off the top of my head..I still have lots of plans and mods to do..

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Hey... Anything that costs extra, other than pringles cans and gum wrappers... :) Is a mod. Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but ALL In Car Entertainment (ICE) is considered to be a mod. Maybe not a Horsepower Gainer, but a modification of some sort.

myflysi, where's yours man!?
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