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Hello, I'm new here and I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite car I ever had

First off, the car is now dead :bomb It died so young, only 52,000 miles on the clock. We were on the highway and my fiancé got spooked about the car next to us, so of course she had to warn me by SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS. I hit my brakes and locked em up. Boom, straight into the center wall. We were lucky to have no injuries. I have no pictures right now, sorry :/ But please read on, Champion.

Let me start by saying,, this little hatch had a muthafckin' bed in the back! Yup, people don't believe me but I regularly slept in the tiny little hatchback (I'm 6'2") Memory foam pad cut to fit,, some pillows and blankets,, flatten out the back area,, curtains,, Boom. Honda-House. Every weekend my girlfriend and I would drive to the mountains or a to some rave or anywhere we wanted and car-camped. (sorry I only have 1 pic of the Honda bed and it's too Explicit :sperm: )

Anyways, our hondas are so beautifully simple and functional. And the hatch seriously has some room! I mean not Tahoe big but you can fit 3 full sized snowboards and 3 full sized people inside. You said how many mpg??? 40? I'm in.
I don't miss the cupholders,,, F*** those things. But who cares about fountain drinks when you're flipping U turns tighter than a Chinese yoga studio? Oh your car does Doughnuts? This car does Cheerios. (shhh no it can't). And if something brakes? No problem, my friend. Swap out that Rack and Pinion. On the trailer park driveway. In the middle of winter. And parts? No sweat, $1. Maybe a little more.

And now for our exclusive segment of "Honda Hate" :lsvader::corn3::argue2:
Hater #1: Dude Honda's are slow. ... Yeah and your Mustang is the fastest turd I've seen yet.
Hater #2: Is that Plastidip???? Rice!! Gay!!! Terrible!!! ... Shut up homie, it's the sh!t.
Hater #3: Hondas are ugly and sound like farts ... That's not what your mom said last night in my Honda-Bed.

Thanks for reading this obscure, slightly random tribute to my beloved civic named Hondie. I hope you love your Honda and ignore the hate
Rave on Humans, I love you all
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