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Ex-Nintendo Head Makes JP Rich List
Big, big dollars.
by Patrick Kolan, IGN AU

Australia, June 11, 2007 - Hiroshi Yamauchi, the aging warhorse who helmed Nintendo through the golden age of their industry reign, has placed fourth overall in Japan's rich list.

According to Forbes via Bloomberg, the 79 year old ex-CEO of Nintendo Co. Ltd, Yamauchi-san, jumped 11 places on last year's standing.

As it stands right now, he has accumulated a personal fortune of US$4.8 billion. Sheesh. It's kind of hard to comprehend what a fellow might do with that kind of money. We'd wager he's pouring money into uploading memories and thoughts onto chips to be stored for all time in a virtual world of Yamauchi's creation. William Gibson would be proud.

For reference, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, credited as the world's wealthiest man, has US$56 billion stuffed under his mattress. Now excuse us while we go and fish for sandwhich crusts and cigarette butts out of the IGN trashcan.
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