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Examine Turbos condition ?

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A friend of mine gave me a Garret T3 turbo, and Im thinking about rigging a little homemade turbo project. Before I start spending money left and right, I would like to know if there is a way I can examine the turbo, and see if its in good shape. I know about shaft wobble, and it doest seem to have too much of that. I also inspected the blades; they arent perfect, some small nicks can be seen. I have also tried to rotate the blades, they seem to rotate pretty smoothly, but not easily; slight force is needed. Is there anything else I can do, along the lines of opening the compressor housing and inspecting the internals ? Any help would be great.
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I guess here are a few things;
feel if there is any play in the turbo's shaft, grab on the little nut or a fan blade and GENTLY pull and push on the compressor blade, any play?
see if it ever touched down (really doubt that)
check the condion of the compressor wheel, any chunks missing, anything bent
you seem to have it figured out... you should be good to go
why dont you just buy a new t3.. t3 only costs like 300 brand new and you know its not ever been used... sell the one you have on the recycler or something and get yourself a new t3 without any problems... good luck..
if he gave you the turbo, then i think you'd better have it rebuilt.. you have the money if youre planning on going on a custom turbo plan... just get it rebuilt... you wont regret it...
Hmm.. rebuilding doesnt sound bad.. What is that gonna run me ?
yeah, i would get it rebuilt also. cost can fluctuate. my friend rebuilt an eclipse GST turbo before for $120. i'm not sure if that is a decent price for the job.
i think does rebuilding... not 100% sure though...
On a rebuild, what original parts get retained ? I assume its just the housings and the inernal wastegate. So basically on a rebuild I will be getting a totaly new trubo, as far as parts that affect performance go ?
SoFlaGS-T said:
i think does rebuilding... not 100% sure though...
yeah they do rebuilds. the thing is if they're not located close by is downtime. i've heard that there are kits where you can do the rebuild yourself.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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