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Exhaust Piping ?

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i know that if you get piping that is too large (i.e. 3" on N/A setups) you will lose too much backpressure to do you any good. My questions is, can you actually feel this difference? Or is this just one of those things that you lose like a couple hp and is no big deal?
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I think 2.25" or 2 1/4" is one of the general sizes most moderately powered NA hondas should use.
honestly when i got my greddy catback, i didn't feel jack.
i used to have 2.5 on my accord. Then i switched to the greddy and i felt a huge difference in torqu. 2.25 is all you need.
My friend got custom 2 and a quarter and we timed the car through every mod. the 2.25 pipping and intake and headers dropped like 1.5 seconds of his time. the car is still slow, but it is faster then how it was. He has a 4th gen. and I have a 5th almost stock and I can beat him, hehehehe. Lates
i have 2.5 piping, but i cant really tell the difference between stock or increased diameter piping, i would stick with 2 1/4 inch piping..

i got 2.25 and i never expected to feel a difference... but it pulls much harder now... just get 2.25
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