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exhaust question

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i know that if you get piping that is too large (i.e. 3" on N/A setups) you will lose too much backpressure to do you any good. My questions is, can you actually feel this difference? Or is this just one of those things that you lose like a couple hp and is no big deal?
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Just get 2.25 inch piping and stop wasting our time with a question that gets asked every damn day.

You see this on your screen, use it.;)
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rageagainstnate: welcome back! It's good to recognize a few old names.

Anyway dude, don't get offended by 'rage'... :ken: he's been around awhile and there are a lot of people that post without searching.. Anyway, depending on your all motor build-up... you should really do the fine tuning personally and get the setup you want. Bigger pipes won't necessarily mess you up, given the amount of air coming in versus spent exhaust.
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