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Exhaust Question

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Hey everybody, just curious if anyone has any info on Hytech exhausts. I've found that they make an exhaust similar to Mugen Twin Loop and want to know how good of an exhaust the Hytech is. Any info would be great. Thanks.
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Here is some info on the Hytech exhaust.

HyTech's full exhaust system for the Type R produces 20 HP and 22 lbs of torque, with the aid of tuning devices like cam gears and an Apexi VAFC. This Type R design comes form the CART Toyota Atlantic series, where HyTech is on virtually all of the competitors cars. The system is full stainless steel and comes with 2 1/2 cat and our own double bypass stainless muffler for the quietest ride and the least restrictive on the market.
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