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aight the 411

my home sold me a an exhaust for 50 dollars......its used but hey it still looks was on his girlfriends civic and he told me it sounded deep... i never hurd of this brand before but its called POWERTECH or PT...... i checked the website and it said it is equalivent to an hks style muffler.... i like how it looks.... its pretty big...looks mean... heres the site "" there are a number of pictures of different exhaust...the picture of mine is PT 1001.... do you guys know anything about this muffler? or how the quality is on the accord? thanx hit me up wid summore info about this
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With all no-name brands the quality is almost always gonna be crappier than the brand name exhausts, note I said almost. It might rust, it might not. I shouldn't see anything wrong with it on your Accord though.
its all in the piping. if you just weld it on its gunna be a fart cannon.

get custom 2.25' inch piping done at a muffler shop. if you dont want it to be hella loud get a premuffler/resonator welded before the muffler.
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