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exhaust question

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Ok guys. I'm sure you're tired of answering my questions but I have another. I have a black widow kit coming tuesday. it has dual openings so i am planning on running custom piping to dual mufflers. what are the better sounding mufflers to go with, where to find them, and about the price i will pay. thanks ahead for all help
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thanks man. I was thinking greddy. I didn't know they made a universal muffler though. Where did you pick those up at and for how much?
they are not universal. it was made for accord v6 2dr. took it to a muffler shop and made it fit... conversion about $70. they are troo catback
Ok. got you now. I'd love to do that but i don't have the money to buy 2 greddy cat back systems nor do i know anyone that doesn't want there's at the moment. any other sugestions?
the catback exhaust.. i got it for 650.. and ofcourse the conversion was 70

universal mufflers are about $100 each.. like the apex dunk mufflers. custom piping will cost about 200 or even a little more. so you are looking somewhere in the $500 ballpark
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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