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Exhaust Question...

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Hey I was gonna bring my car into meineke soon to get some exhaust work done... here's the story- i got 2 magnaflow mufflers a while ago and they're unnoticeable over stock... very quiet... i wanted to make these mufflers a bit more noticeable (deeper), so i decided to remove 1 or 2 resonators and possibly getting custom axle-back piping. I heard a file of some borla mufflers with 2 resonators removed and it sounded a bit too buzzy for me (it sounded exatly like the green eclipse in Fast n Furious), so I was considering just removing the bigger resonator and leaving hte smaller one on... what do all of you think? Any suggestions are welcome...
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i say get a mandrel bent 2.25" y pipe. and dont go to meineke. go to a mom and pop's muffler shop that specializes in exhausts
so you're saying to get new piping from the mufflers to the end of the y-pipe and leave both resonators on? How much should this run me?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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