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Right, Now on my Del Sol, I have some, medium home made exhaust. It has steel tubing, and all the bends look like shit. It wa son it when i got, it. It has the typical big round miffler can/tip, comming out the back, and one small, red hot looking thing between it and the cat. Stock catilic converter. This setup wa son it when I got it.

Now, This car is my daily driver. It doesent sound horrible, Its not a Wet fart, honda, like some, But It is definatley loud. One day the exhaust broke off, at the headers. And, It vibrated a bit more, but sounded about the same. Under closed trottle, it rattles and bubbles alot too, To keep it quiet, I always, have to have my foot on the gas, ever so slighlty when coasting down a hill or what have you..

I dont mind it but it is loud. Rolling though the suburbs, old men shake their heads. And on the highway, after over an hour, it starts to make you feel a little crazy, as it just echo's in the Cab..

Now. I was debating rooling into a good exhaust shop, and saying, add some performance muffler inline somewher, to quiet it up..

However, I also have been browsing ebay, and there is a few, Cat Backs, which are all stainless, and from the pictures have nice, welds and look amazing. And could get for around. 200.00. Now this if for a Tenrai
Ebay Auction

Now.. Is that a bad move? is it worth it for the extra 300 to go to a skunk 2 or Greddy..

And Is it going to be louder?,

Also, Has anyone, switched, to or Tried, one of the High performance Catilic Converters, they are like 60.00 on ebay. Will this change the sound. or help performance?

I am just looking for, a nice, exhaust, thats, reasonably, quiet, but will still purr... Any of your thoughts, or knowlege would be awesome.

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