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I've been looking all over to find .wav's of prelude's or at least Honda's with different types of exhaust setups. I'm trying to find one that doesn't sound like a guy that's just eaten a metric ton of beans farting down the road. I want it to have a deep smooth tone, but scream in VTEC... any comments?

~Peace :D
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a friend of mine has a very nice sounding exaust and it screams in vtec. he has a tanabe exaust. i heard that greddy has a very nice sounding exaust too.
apexi N1 gains HP...the sound is all opinion....I could care less if mine was loud or quiet....just as long as it puts the most power to the ground which the N1 is good at doing.
whats your email? i have a wav file and a vid of some greddy systems i could send to you. thats all i have though...
[email protected]. That would be sweet man. Anybody with Thermal or DC Sports .wavs?

~Peace :)
I personaly like the way the greddy evo sounds. i got one of them exhausts myself and it is nice and deep. I dont think they make a 4th gen evo for the lude though. U may wanna look into a greddy sp. I think wutang ben has an sp on his car. im not sure though.
I just sent you a thermal exhaust clip....its nice.
i sent you the sound clip...i couldnt get the vid to attach because yahoo sucks :confused: hope it helps.
I have a few more..thermal, tanabe dtm, greddy evo, mugen.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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