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what do you guys have for exhaust systems??? i lookin into gettin that and a cold air for my 94 accord ex. thanks:sonic:
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just stock for now....want to get Greddy EVO
the greddy evo is good, i got that on my 00 accord. love it :D
I just have an aerospeed muffler. Soon will be Greddy headers with a race cat, and custome piping all the way back to a dual set up with N1s. hehe. hope it sounds good. Lates
If you want quiet performance: A'PEXi World Sport Catback exhaust sys.

NE1 see the new SuperTrapp mufflers in the Summit catalog, and is using them?

I konw someone that uses other kinds of SuperTrapps at the race track and they sound cool...wondering if these would to.
so where can i go to see this greddy evo exhaust??
greddy for me..

I've had my greddy evo for 1 and 1/2 years and still lovin' it. Highly Recommended is what I say!!!:D
look at sig <yes..i like it>
I've had my Greddy for about a month now and i love it! I have a 94 EX.
Tanabe DTM is nice, has a good low rumble to it im not sure of hp gain....havent dyno'd :D
ah yes and the DTM looks nice too :vpleased:
2 1/2 inches custom stainless steel cat back
with Apex-i N1 90mm Exhaust
very loud , high pitched

what kinda sound are you looking for?
loud , deep, high pitch , or quiet?
i got an apexi dunk on mine and man is it quiet...i was surprised...i can still hear it when i punch it...but it made myother setup sound cheap and crappy...
hey i've got the hayame exhaust. i ran new pipes too...2.25 from cat back. i gotta deep n loud tone to mines...seems pretty satisfactory to meeh!
I have the Apex'i RS exhaust. It is discontinued...but it is just like the WS...the newer version of the RS. Here is a pic

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get a greddy, tanabe, or thermal
alright so you want a deep tone to your exhaust

so what i tell you to not put on your list is...
-Apex N1
-*Straight piping
and anything with light small canister

what you want to look into is ...
-Apex Dunk
-DTM( dual exhaust)
-DC Sports
or bascically anything with Huge Canisters

keep looking around man, there are so many Co. out there with different kinds

you lookin for cat back system or just a universal?
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