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Exhausts for a 4G SI (non-VTEC)

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What exhausts are available for the Honda Prelude SI's nonvtec?
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any exhaust made for the vtec model is also made for the SI. you have to enlarge the holes on the cat. converter to make vtec exhausts fit SIs, but its easy to do with household tools. i did it myself and i have very few tools. just grab a drill and a dremel with a small sander bit

i recommend either the greddy power extreme or the apexi N1...depending on what you want. my car is a street car (never sees the track) so i got the greddy adds a lot of low end and midrange torque. the apexi N1 starts gaining from 4000 rpms and up, but the gains are larger.

for you i suggest the greddy maximizes the low end and midrange of our SIs...makes driving the car a lot easier since there is so much power and the engine revs quicker.

my .02
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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