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Experience with muffler

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What's up everyone? Just wondering if anyone has any experience or knows anything about Mozart exhausts? It's a brand that is being sold through Konig and the muffler I am looking at is called Evolution (it is a mugen twin loop replica).
Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.:)
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I picked that muffer up really cheap for my integra, only $150. The only problem was it didn't fit too well. It rubbed against the rear bumper and hung really low. Sold it and got an Apex. Very quiet though.
So would you not recommend it? I was thinking of later on buying an oem body kit and would hate for the rear skirt to get screwed up.
i wanted that exhaust too, but couldnt find anywhere to get it from.. i duno who sells it..
It's an awsome muffler just make sure it fits right bufore you start the car, because it melted a small part of my rear bumper
Do you have an idea why it rubbed against the bumper? Was it mounted incorrectly or was it just too big? Also where can I find it? The only place I've found so far is a guy who has one selling it for 220 shipped.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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