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Extrude Honing the intake and Exhaust

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I have an AEM CAI. I want to add a little more go to the ride however I want it to be reliable as the day I got the car. I want to make it flow better first. Well I was going to buy a header dc or nuespeed however, a lot of people I know have been having cracking issues. So I was wondering does anyone know of a good machine shop I could send my exhaust manifold to so I could have it extrude honed out. In addition any one ever heard of an accord owner extrude honing the cast part of the intake mainfold (not the intake tube, ex. AEM)

I realize these measure may only gain a couple hp at most however, that seems to be all conventional headers on an accord gain anyway.
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well the more mods you put on your car
the more you will sacrafice for fuel effiency

thats just the play of the game
more fuel means more power

and to extrude hone your intake manifold you will need
to go to a speed shop and have it done manually
cause there is no co. that makes aftermarket performance
intake manifolds

and there would be no point in honing out yoru exhaust manifold cause all you have to do is just get better headers

DC are good , dont go with Nuespeed
and if you are looking into extra performance header
look into JDM ones
those will do just fine
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