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does anyone have the F-Max turbo kit for their SOHC Civic? If so, how is it? I was interested in it cuz on their website they claim 230 hp dynoed with stock internals!!! On a SOHC!!! I was just seeing if anyone knows about them. Thanks
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How safe is the f-max turbo on the stock internals? i know that number is at something like 7 psi, but still... i would think some engine work would need to be done to push out that much hp out of a sohc.
No, they claim on their website, 13psi I think, on stock internals, and just a headgasket.. I've never spoken with anyone who has that kit though..
I HAVE A SEDAN TOOO and its 97'!!!AHHAA..230hp!!!whoa!!!i cant believe i was even considerig a sc
There's a great B-series turbo debate going on here:

Otherwise, yeah, for all-out SOHC power, go with turbo. And if any of the stuff in that thread is to be believed, those 7-8 psi on stock internals WELL TUNED, will work great on D-series engines too.

It's even got me thinking...
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