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F.S. '00 GSR Wheels

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all 4 are in great condition there is about 40-50 percent treadlife left on these tires. There is camber wear on the inside.. Make me a reasonable offer... here are the pics to the rims
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I might want them, but I dont know how much they go for...whats your price it would help
About the rims

What state are you from? thankszack
Im interested in your rims. i have rims already but i want stock gs-r rims, is the price you stated american or canadian.
im located in ft lauderdale,florida...
this is offtopic .. but is that pic of your car? If so, what lip is that? Is it a front and rear, and where did you get it, and a price? Thanks.
its a pic of my brother hatch. The lip is off of an EX i believe and its just the front lip..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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