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I got my beater I need to sell in a couple of weeks. I'm in Kansas right now and I will be in Charlotte, NC to do some stuff for a few days and I was planning on driving the car back here but I've decided to sell it if I can.

It's a 1991 honda civic. Power door locks and windows. I just installed an alarm system in it with keyless entry. I replaced the left axle a couple of months ago. It's been parked for about that long really. No one has been driving it. I did a head gasket on it about a year ago . Has approx. 224k on it. Does not have the carpet , last owner took it out to install the gsr rear disc brake lines and i guess he didnt put it back in. 4 wheel disc, rear gsr. Carbon fiber hood. Intake, new exhaust system with stock muffler. A couple of dings and dents but nutting really major. I'd keep the car but I dono if i want to drive it 1000 miles to where I'm at. Will need a new cd player and speakers. I was planing on restoring it to a nice clean look but I'm basically moving and the car can't really come with me.
Right now I am in Kansas and will be back in charlotte on May 7th - 9th. I would like to sell and sign the tittle to any buyer on the 8th, which is a friday. So if anyone is interested in seeing it before then just let me know.
I have the front bumper off of it because I installed a tow bar, thinking I might tow the car with my truck here but I decided not too and didn't have time to put it back together. I ordered new corner lamps and bumper lamps. Both white frost clear. The wheels come with the car and have new tires.
5spd. Interior is pretty clean, I shampoed the seats. I did see a carpet for $76 on ebay.
A/c works too! Car is bacially original in everything. Need a few more hundred dollars into it and It'll be a sweet beater. Gets good mpg and hate to get rid of her but someone take her off my hands. $2000 obo. Contact me @[email protected] I'll give you my phone number if anyone is interested.

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