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1993 Honda Prelude Si (213K on Chassis on 30 March 2005)

Pictures: (note, rims not on car anymore)

JDM H22a Engine Swap (tranny included)
AEM Short Ram Air Intake
Greddy Header wrapped in Thermal wrap
Street Performance Test Pipe
Greddy SP Exhuast
Skunk2 Adjustable Cam Gears (stock setting, untuned)
Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Tower Bar
4bidden Short Shifter
JDM Chrome One Piece Headlights
4pc Extreme Body Kit

Stock Front and Rear bumpers (free)
WWRS Sides and Rear (50 bucks with car, 150 w/out)
Stock JDM rear Spoiler (free w/car, 50 bucks w/out)
Stock Mudflaps (free w/car, 20 w/out)
Stock Side Skirts (additional pair, free w/car if wanted, 20 w/out)
Stock Air Intake System (free w/car, 15 w/out)
Rotora Rear Brake discs (new, never used, still in box, 20 w/car, 80 w/out)
Stock Passenger side fender (free w/car, 20 w/out)
JDM Black One Piece Headlights (swapped free w/car, 200 w/out)

I'm sure there is a hell of a lot more that I have that is not on this list. I'll find out in time.

I'm only asking $5, 300 for the car, prior to sale it will have all fluids changed.

Tires are brand new and have under 500 miles on them as of now. they are all season tires.
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