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Hey guys, i am seeing what i can make out of this. Don't have it yet but postin to see if anyone would buy the shell or if i can make a decent amount back out of it by parting it.

Info :
1995 Honda Civic DX shell
Milano Red
no motor or transmission

Whats still on it:

stock steelies
stock suspension
stock taillights
stock headlights
stock corner lights
passenger fender
aftermarket front bumper

dash minus plastic piece with vents around the gauge cluster
Stock DX gauge cluster
stock front seats
door panels

Thats as much as i remember off hand

Just remember, NO HOOD or DRIVERS FENDER and comes with aftermarket front bumper.

You all know i am pretty reasonable on prices. Would like to sell the whole shell for its body is excellent and lookin to get about $600. Otherwise, if i can't sell the shell in a reasonable amount of time, i will begin to part it out as long as i have enough interest. So here goes, throw some offers out and we can work from there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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