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***F/S 2000 acura TL 16" 14 spoke OEM RIMS***

this RIM came off from my own car 2000 TL..

it is used and have minor scratches on it...

RIMs still have its tires on it but you need to replace the tires...

and since you would have to replace the tires, i will sell my rims at real cheap price...

anyone interested please feel free to e-mail me with any question

[email protected]

since there are so many fraud, i prefer local pick-up for the rims, that way you could check the rims too...

I`m in new york area...if you cannot make it let me know, some local areas i will bring the rims to you so you could decide..whether you like it or not..

I know that I`m new here but `im not here to scam noone...

thank you guys...
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