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price(s): $2800 w/ SI wheels, $2600 without.

alrighty guys, i'm putting my hatch up for sale. i haven't had it for too long, but i've found something else that i'm going to try and pick up.

it's a 97'CX, originally red (roma? milano? no clue), 106k on the chassis. a week after i got it, i was involved in a minor accident; i rear ended a lady whose brake-lights didn't work. the damage wasn't horrible; the frame isn't tweaked or bent. the radiator support was pushed in a bit but i pulled it out as much as possible.

i pieced together a 99' SI front end (minus grill/lip) and put it on/lined it up as best i could. the pass. side headlight clips/tabs were broken when i got them, so zip-ties are holding them up. the front bumper is cracked but i'll be including a new, better condition 99' bumper with the sale. i'd suggest getting a new radiator support/tbar to replace this one as the front doesn't quite line up correctly. i've seen someone do it themselves here on h-t for pretty cheap, i just haven't had the time. other than that, the body is in great shape. it's got an ek9 hatch on with minor dents, something that could easily be taken care of before paint. the entire car is primer black as i started to work on it but have since decided to sell it.

the interior is clean. no tears on the seats, carpet is in good condition, panels are all in good condition...basically stock everything minus a sony headunit and some xplod 6x9s in the doors. i might toss in the NRG quick release and momo for free...we'll see.

the car itself is sitting on some no-name coilovers and 99' SI wheels (or blacks).

the motor is actually a newer 98'DX motor (68k on it when swapped). mechanically, the car runs absolutely fine minus throwing 1 code (o2 sensor, haven't had time to fix it). it gets great gas mileage, has survived this ridiculous heat with no problem, and is a great all around beater/project car.

in some of these pics, i had the front bumper off to show the bumper support and how it's still fine, others had the bumper on to show how with the bent radiator support it doesn’t quite line up perfectly, and then toward the end, the radiator support itself (how it was bent and where the t-part toward the bottom cracked off the welds).

more images in 2nd post.

for any questions, feel free to contact me:
[email protected]
aim: e eff eight
PM for phone number.


*i will supply the VIN to all serious inquiries.
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