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F/S: AEM Fuel Rails & Fuel Pressure Regulators...

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Brand new. There are the AEM Fuel Rails, Fuel Filters, and Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulators that I get. Add shipping. Available in Red, Silver, and Blue.


94-01 Integra B18 - $138
92-95 Civic All, 93-95 Del Sol S/Si - $142
96-00 Civic SOHC All (Except HX), 96-97 Del Sol S/Si - $138
99-00 Civic Si - $138
92-01 Prelude All, 90-93 Accord All - $142
92-96 Prelude All, 90-93 Accord All - $142
94-97 Accord 4 cyl - $138
98-02 Accord 4 cyl - $142
88-95 Civic/CRX EX/Si SOHC All, 93-95 Del Sol S/Si - $142
96-00 Civic SOHC All (Except HX), 96-97 Del Sol S/Si - $138
02 RSX Type-S, 02 Civic Si - $230


94-01 Integra All, 94-97 Accord 4 cyl, 95-00 Civic All, 97-98 CRV, 95-97 Del Sol All, 97-01 Prelude All - $95


94-01 Integra All, 86-89 Accord LXi/SEi, 90-93 Accord All, 92-95 Civic All, 99-00 Civic Si, 93-95 Del Sol S/Si, 94-97 Del Sol VTEC, 88-91 Prelude Si, 92-96 Prelude S w/AEM Fuel Rail ONLY - $175

98-99 CL 2.3L, 98-02 Accord 4 cyl, 96-00 Civic DX/CX/LX/HX, 99-00 CRV All, 96-97 Del Sol S, 00-02 S2000 - $175

Universal Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator - $180

86-93 Integra All, 91-02 NSX, 95-98 TL 4 cyl, 96-98 TL V6, 92-94 Vigor, 89-91 Civic Si, 90-91 Civic EX, 88-91 CRX Si/HF, 00-02 Insight, 92-96 Prelude Si/SE/VTEC & 97-01 Prelude All w/ AEM Fuel Rail ONLY - $183

97 CL 2.2L, 94-97 Accord 4 cyl, 96-00 Civic EX, 97-98 CRV, 96-97 Del Sol Si - $183
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Sorry to be a noob on this area, but what exactly do these guys do? What kind of mods should I have before putting any of these in my car? Thanks!

Well, simply put, the fuel rails allow a higher volume of fuel to flow through your fuel system. The Fuel Pressure Regulators allows you to adjust the amount of fuel that gets into your system. For example, if you're running too lean, you can turn up the fuel flow. If you're running too rich, then you can turn it down. Basically it's all for good engine tuning, tuning is the single most important part of building up your motor. If you don't tune it, it won't be as efficeint as it can be, in turn you get more power than not tuning. That applies to the ECU as well. You can get the Fuel Rail and Fuel Pressure Regulators whenever you please, it does actually make a difference when you have simple bolt-ons such as intake, headers, and exhaust. Since the engine is ingesting and exhausting a lot more air-flow it'll tend to run slightly leaner on some cars. So when you upgrade the fuel system and tune it correctly you can make for more power. I'm not the biggest "gear head" in the world, so if anyone would care to comment, please do.
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