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Hey guys
I'm new to this forum but i thought i might this setup for sale here for my fellow honda owner b4 i try it somewhere else. I'm just trying to sale my sound system as i no longer need it. Because of gas prices rising i'm trying to make my car as light as possible so i'm selling my setup. it comes with a 800 watt phoenix gold amp and two 12" Soundstream T4 subs. IT's bolted on a dual ported box. I got this setup for around $1200 but willing to let it go if the price is right. It's only been in my car for less then 5 months, while it was in there it competed and out sound any JL and Solobaric subs. Check it out guys my lost is your gain. This setup has been in my room lying dormented for a week now and i'm moving soon so i want to sell alot of my stuff. Just shoot me an offer. I'm willing to consider almost anything. Just no low ballers. Thanks for looking. Email me for pictures or i'll try to put some up soon.

Email: [email protected]
AIM SN: disdatboyee
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