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F/S H&R Race Springs, Axles, Etc

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I am selling:

* NEW in box, never installed H&R Race springs, 2.5 inch drop I believe, for Crx. $150

* Axles off a 91 Integra, was going to use for a B16 swap. $make offer.

* B16a1 oil pump, $make offer.

* B16a1 throttlebody. $make offer.

* Stock cam sprockets for b16a1 $make offer.

* Rear Disk brake setup off a 91 integra, trailling arms, discs, pads, shocks, springs. 88K $make offer.

* stock D16a6 head, rocker arms, cam, valve cover $make offer.

* 91 integra Master cylinder better stopping power, 88K $make offer.

* Clear bumper lights for a 90-91 civic. $make offer.

* All parts are in the Dallas area, e-mail me at [email protected]
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classifieds... it's there for a reason...
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