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click the link below the description to see the picture of the items.

set of four, swirl ef rims
-fourteen inch rims
-4x100 bolt pattern
*these are in obviously used condition. scratches (none deep however) and rim marks are evident. one tire is deflated, the other three have little tread left.
local: $75 FIRM
pic: crx si rims

set of two, crx bumper light covers
*as seen in the picture, in good condition except for the left plastic cover. there is a small crack on its side.
shipped: $15 OBO
pic: crx bumper light covers

two sets of two, hyper white bulbs
i believe the lights on the left are for ek civic headlights. i'm unsure about the lights on the right, but model numbers / voltage is visible.
shipped: $15 EACH SET
pic: misc civic bulbs

set of two, stock crx corner lights
not much to say about them, in great condition.
shipped: $15 OBO
pic: crx corner lights

felt, ek dash cover
never used, no burns, rips or tears. in perfect condition.
shipped: $20 OBO
pic: ek civic dash cover

set of two, ek headlight covers
smoked in color, fit directly over ek headlights. no scratches of any kind, great condition.
shipped: $25 OBO
pic: ek headlight covers

one, ef (or universal? unsure...) stock hood latch
got a new one with my jdm front, so i'm selling this one. works fine, might be universal for all civics...came off ef crx.
shipped: $10 OBO
pic: ef hood latch

set of two, ef front mud/splash guards
in used condition, both right and left under-the-fender mud guards. one is in fine condition, the other is ripped...both will still bolt on and work fine. came off an ef crx.
shipped: $20 OBO
pic: ef crx, maybe civic splash guards

set of two, headlights + holders
great condition, stock ef crx headlights. they are a little chipped on one side, but are in great condition other wise. come with the adapters to screw onto front.
shipped: $75 OBO
pic: stock crx headlights

stock crx si steering wheel
selling because i bought a momo corse. not ripped in any way, missing the horn sticker.
shipped: $20 OBO
pic: ef si stock steering wheel

set of two, jdm ef8 fog lights
jdm oem parts, these fogs are quite rare. they come clear in lens with a yellow insert. mounting hardware included.
shipped: $200 OBO
pic: jdm ef8 fog lights

all prices are shipped, with the exception of the rims. i'd like only local buyers for that item. e-mail or aim me with any questions:

[email protected]
aim: e eff eight

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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