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F1 bosses to rule on controversial diffusers
Tue 14 Apr, 01:10 PM

PARIS (AFP) - Formula One's ruling body is meeting in Paris on Tuesday to determine whether the Brawn car Jenson Button drove to victory in the season's first two races contravenes the sport's new technical regulations.

Three FIA Court of Appeal judges will sit to consider the claim that the aerodynamic diffuser fitted to the back of the Brawn GP car is illegal.

If the hearing upholds the appeal Button could conceivably be stripped of his wins in Melbourne and Malaysia, or Brawn made to redesign their car from Sunday's Chinese GP onwards.

The protest against Brawn and also Toyota and Williams is being led by Ferrari, Red Bull Racing and Renault and supported by McLaren and BMW Sauber.

The diffusers were ruled to be legal when inspected by race stewards before Melbourne, and Brawn are hoping the FIA come to the same conclusion.

A decision is expected on Wednesday.

If it finds for 'the diffuser three' then the seven teams who have lost out will have to redesign the rear ends of their cars to try and compete on an equal footing for the rest of the 2009 campaign.

Brawn GP team boss Ross Brawn is confident the FIA will find in his team's favour.

"I would just be surprised if the appeal court can make judgements on technicalities - it's quite a complex technical matter," he told the BBC on Monday.

"You can't be 100 percent confident but I hope common sense prevails on their side."
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